Costs for Exam, Cleaning and X-Ray


Exam, Cleaning, X-Ray is a typical "come visit us" type service. Although it does cost the dental office, it is something they often treat as a lost-leader to bring you in as a new patient or for a "maintenance" check up. Dentists will often heavily discount this service or even offer it for FREE. If you have Dental Insurance (HMO or PPO), most, if not all the out of pocket costs will be covered.


Typical Costs

Dental Exam, Cleaning and X-Ray ranges from $50 to $140. The variability comes in the "Cleaning". A routine cleaning is part of the price. However, you may need a "Deep Cleaning" or a "Scaling" or Root Planing which will add another $100 to $400 per quadrant, adding $400 to $1600 to the cost.

Discount Dental Plans, such as those from Careington offer lower-negotiated rates with dentists. Per their fee schedule for a 500 series plan, the price for a Cleaning is $40 (typically $90), Exam is $14 (typically $49) and X-Ray is $40 (typically $127), resulting ina 60 to 70% saving.


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